Queen Biography


Rose Peterson

Rose grew up in Minnesota in a very musical family singing, playing clarinet & piano, performing, and now teaching in her private music studio.

Steve Peterson and Rose have been married for over 40 years and have two fabulous adult children who are married, and have blessed them with seven super grand children who bring so much joy!

Although music is a huge part of her life, dancing is one thing she never thought she would ever do! But a spontaneous dancing event sparked an interest in her that started her dancing journey.

Steve loves sports and Rose loves music and together have found that dancing brings them closer together, allows them to meet new friends, and even enables fun experiences like dancing in a movie.

BSD and NSD events bring opportunities to dance and build relationships with their friends.

Rose says, “Thank you for attending our dance.”

“Darling, it wouldn’t be a dance party without you!”

I’m blessed to be Bakersfield’s newest queen.